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Ciara Ingram is a talented filmmaker and content strategist based in NYC with deep roots in Arkansas and Tennessee. Her diverse background has given her a unique perspective that shapes her work. Although she began her journey as a basketball player in both the amateur and collegiate arenas, she is making a significant mark in the world of filmmaking.


Ciara's impact on the industry is noteworthy, especially her contributions as a video producer and editor at SLAM Magazine. She specializes in girls' and women's basketball programming, producing original and branded docu-series and advertising content that skillfully showcases the voices and talents of emerging stars at the heart of women's basketball culture.


Ciara has been recognized for her outstanding potential and dedication to her craft. She has been selected as a mentee in prestigious programs such as the 2023 PBS Ignite Mentorship for Diverse Voices and Real Screen Dialog. Additionally, she has earned the title of a 2023 Creative Ladder Rising Leader, a testament to her leadership in the industry.


In 2022, Ciara was acknowledged for her work with WSLAM, receiving honors from the Engagement Academy of Sports x Entertainment as a Hashtag Sports Creator of Color, which further solidified her position as a creative force breaking new ground. With a promising future ahead, Ciara Ingram continues to use her skills and platform to uplift and inspire, making an indelible impact on the world of filmmaking and beyond.


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